Meet the top cybersecurity students in the region

These are the students from our University of Prishtina who made us proud yesterday in the “International Cybersecurity Exercise 2024” competition, organized jointly with Iowa State University (USA), the Forca e Sigurisë së Kosovës, and the Iowa National Guard (USA). The final competition results and assessment format evaluated by Iowa State University here:

In a high-stakes competition among 31 teams (10 teams from Kosovo, one team from Albania, one from Macedonia and the rest from Iowa), our student team nicknamed “Xixellonjat” composed of: Malsor Abdyli, Rinesa Hoxha, Lorik Morina, Blendi Zeqiri, Elsa Krasniqi, and Lirak Xhelili secured the second position with 825.7 points. Another team from our faculty, known as “CybreElectric,” comprised of Roni Kukaj, Florian Saqipi, Lorena Mekaj, Dea Rexha, Endrit Gjokaj, Verona Kabashi, and Vera Llugiqi, claimed the 4th place.

Our third team, named “TheDefenders,” consisting of Alba Thaqi, Endri Binaku, Eljon Shala, Fisnik Hazrolli, Dafina Balaj, Desara Qerimi, and Blert Osmani, ranked 12th overall. They particularly stood out for their excellent technical reports.

With Iowa in first place, University of Prishtina in second, Iowa in third, and University of Prishtina in fourth, we couldn’t be prouder and happier for our students’ achievements. But this success is solely due to their continuous and dedicated work, starting months ago. Colleagues, congratulations! You have not only elevated the University of Prishtina but also the state of Kosovo.

Special thanks to IBAS world for their sponsorship support!


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